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The Vice-chairman of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), Juan Antonio Samaranch, met with executives of the CRESO Program, whom he congratulated for the initiative, inspired by the Spanish Investment Program for High-Performance Athletes (ADO).

The courtesy visit was hosted in the INICIA headquarters, where the CRESO chairman, Felipe Vicini, explained to Samaranch, the CRESO operational methodology, and the investment process designed for each high-performance athlete in the D.R since its inception in 2011.

The implementation of initiatives under private investments, that go alongside public investment in high-competition sports, is key for countries to move forward in sports development”, Samaranch explained. Samaranch is son to the former chairman of the International Olympic Committee, Juan Samaranch, Sr.

Sports & Education

Vicini explained that CRESO, asides investing in the sportsmanship aspect of the program, also invests in the athletes’ education, endowing each athlete with an educational scholarship. “We want every athlete that competes, to major in a career, so that when their sports career comes to an end, they hold the tools that will enable them to enter the labor market”, Vicini said.

Also present was Luisín Mejía, chairman of the COD, who seized the opportunity to explain to Samaranch on the joint efforts between CRESO, the COD and the Sports Ministry, with sights set on Tokyo 2020.

About CRESO:

CRESO is a non-profit organization that consists of the Dominican business community that invests in the development of a high-performance olympic athletic platform, accompanied by academic training of the athletes. INICIA, together with the Dominican Olympic Committee, is responsible for creating CRESO and achieving the involvement of 9 other leading companies that also invest in this program.


INICIA is a private asset management firm that operates through partnerships with unique managers focused in the Northern Latin American Region to capture long-term value for investors, clients, partners and associates.

Source: Listin Diario

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