The College World Olympics, or the Taipei 2017 Games, ended yesterday featuring a praised participation by the Dominican Republic, which made 18th place on the podium among all participating countries. The Dominican delegation bested several Hispanic-American superpowers, such as Brazil, Spain, Jamaica and Colombia.

The CRESO program congratulated all members of the delegation, which won a total of six medals, 4 gold and 2 silver.  “To us, what matters is to help our athletes materialize their Olympic dreams, and see how all the medals they won, were championed by program athletes, and that makes us immensely proud”, so said Manuel Luna, executive director to CRESO

Amazing quality. The CRESO athletes that championed in Taipei 2017 were: Audrys Nin, gymnastics; Luguelin and Juander Santos, each of them won gold in track-and-field; Luis Charles, who shared the gold with the Santos brothers in the 4×400 dash; Beatríz Pirón, weightlifting, won silver; and Luis García also silver with weightlifting.

This is only the beginning of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic cycle, and we are already on the right track. Now, the Bolivarian Games, the Central American and Pan-American Games in 2017, 2018 and 2019, respectfully. If we continue to work together, strategically, and closely with the Sports Ministry and Dominican Olympic Committee, we can achieve an excellent outcome”, Luna said.


CRESO is a non-profit entity, which invests in the sports development and academic education of high-performance Olympic athletes. The CRESO investor companies are: Banco Popular, Central Romana Corporation, CLARO, Ferquido, Grupo Rica, Grupo SID, Total Dominicana, Universal and INICIA.

Luguelín opened the Golden gate. Last Friday, medalist Luguelín Santos won the gold in the College Olympic Games, which took place in Taipei, China. Santos, after his injury, made his mark in the 4×400 meter dash, marking 45.24 seconds to win the gold he won in 2015 in Korea.

“The most beautiful thing I can do, is to represent my Fatherland, and wear its colors with pride. This gold belongs to you”, said the athlete on his Twitter account.

Second place went to Yoandys Lescay from Cuba, who marked 45.31 seconds, while Rafael Omelko from Poland, marked 45.56 seconds.

Victory represents a breath of fresh air to Santos, after a year of discrete results, and with it, the revalidation of the championship title he won at the previous College Olympics in Gwangiu (South Korea, 2015). Then came another gold medal, thanks to the legs of Juander Santos in the 4×400 dash, where both brothers swam in gold-infested waters.


INICIA is a private asset management firm that operates through partnerships with unique managers focused on the Northern Latin American Region to capture long-term value for investors, clients, partners and associates. The managing partner is Felipe Vicini from the Vicini family. INICIA asset management firm was previously known as VICINI and before that Vicini Group.


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